Applications 3D - we continue
*Open PDFs with the Acrobat Reader to see the 3D PDF features.

Image film Progressive 3D GmbH

The short film shows a section of the most important opportunities or possibilities and references – you would be enthralled!

Sven Schreiber declares personally

The film shows approaches for applications in the area of marketing and sales and a couple of product examples.


Megayacht – water simulation – unique worldwide and currently being patented by Progressive3D GmbH: A standard PDF with the fie size between 5 Megabyte (without sound) and 10 Megabyte (with sound), animated and interactive Currently also available as a video – we’d be happy to let you experience a live demo on request.
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Liquid simulation

The example shows a PDF file (size about 1 MB) with a liquid simulation that we have transferred from external simulation software. Liquid simulation conforming to the “industry standard” (format).

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Toshiba Laptop 3D-PDF

Feature image
Toshiba Laptop 3D-PDF – a photo-realistic laptop in standard PDF format, readable with the free of cost Acrobat Reader.
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Toshiba Laptop Html5/Web-GL

Toshiba WebGL Demo
Toshiba Laptop HTML5 / WebGL – the same laptop with animation – but now as a standard 3D website.
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Trekstor 3D

3D Trekstor PDF
Trekstor 3D – an innovative product und documentation PDF, below one MB and still full of interactions, 3D displays and animations.
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Refrigator 3D

Feature image
Refrigerator 3 D PDF – only about 370 KB in size and fully interactive with photo-realistic 3D animation A comparable sharp picture for printing would have a size of around 100 Megabytes and it would not even be possible to animate it…
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